24 blackbirds (bakedinapie) wrote,
24 blackbirds

another racist movie from peter jackson

last night i saw the new harry potter movie and it was nice
there was a trailer for the new king kong movie and i was bowled over by its racism. think dark-skinned people in ragged grass clothing dragging screaming blond white woman through the mud, tying her to a stick structure, carrying torches and beating drums... you can see it here (the windows media version). pretty unbelievable.

i figured there would be lots of outcry to be found on the web, but this morning i googled "king kong" "trailer" "racist" and didn't find much... maybe i'll write letters to the newspaper, or an article for indymedia, or figure out how to import the trailer into windows movie maker (anyone know how to do that?) and make a pointed re-editing of it...
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