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when the pie was opened, the birds began to sing

24 blackbirds
24 December
24-hour theater festivals, amateur filmmaking, anarchism, anna deavere smith, anne feeney, anti-racism, apples to apples, apprenticeship, atheism, baking pies, being a dilettante, being competent, bertolt brecht, bird machine, bisexuality, boggle, books, botticelli, bread & butter, buffy st. marie, campiness, careful formatting, caryl churchill, charades, citizens band, clawhammer banjo, community organizing, community-based art, community-based theater, con movies, corey & sizzler, cornerstone theater, craft, cutthroat anagrams, dario fo, dave & tracy, democracy now!, discourse analysis, editing, feminism, fiddles, flying folk army, folk music, founding a theater company, gender, grounded theory, guerilla theater, harmonies, heist movies, henry the thoughtful toast, howling gaels, ian & sylvia, imperfection, independent media, instant runoff voting, invisible theater, iww, jim page, journalism, jumble, jwj, labor movement, le coq, learning stuff, learning the harmonica, letters to the editor, living wage movement, local theater, magnetic fields, making amends, manipulative sentimentality in film, messing about in boats, meyerhold, michael franti, mime, mobiles, napkin origami, not being a purist, ok go, optimism, orange and blue, pete seeger, phil ochs, physical theater, pining for my dear, playing the spoons, playwriting, political art, portland, postal service, progressivism, radical education, raspberries and chocolate, raw pie dough, really smart dogs, rebel voices, research, responsibility, reviled instruments, rory mcleod, rounds, ruthie foster, san francisco mime troupe, scarlet pimpernel, scrabble, seattle, singing, social change, social history, social theory, sociology, sojourn theatre, starting a band, staying up late, stringband, stripes, student labor activism, sweet honey, syndicalism, sypp, the pineapple tool, the thieving magpies, theater for social justice, theater of the oppressed, tomato wigs, tony kushner, ultra-super-ghost-q, vaudeville, virtuosity, word games, writing, yard sales